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What if the progress a man made on the field was just as important as the progress he made off it?

That was the impetus behind the Good Men in Sport: the need to redefine “good” as more than just a man’s achievements, and instead, encourage men to embrace a new kind of masculinity - one where men can be generative, positive forces in this world.

It’s not just about just being a better man, it’s about creating a better culture among us as men.
— Dr. John Izzo, The Men's Initiative
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A new wave of professional athletes are disrupting
the status quo and earning the world's love and respect, through love and respect.

They’re redefining the idea of legacy in sports.

With this premise, we’ll launch an initiative of content, activations and education, featuring elite athletes discussing and redefining the idea of what it means to be a man today.

When men can be engaged with their value system, they are very good at rolling up their sleeves and working hard to make a better world for themselves and their families.
— Duncan Shields, Ph.D. RCC
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Odell Beckham Jr. stars in docu-series airing on Facebook Watch

Watch NFL with fuboTV Giants' star wide receiver Odell Beckham Jr. will give fans a new look into his life both on and off the field starting Friday in a new documentary series, "I Am More: OBJ."

Everyone Is Going Through Something | By Kevin Love

It came out of nowhere. I'd never had one before. I didn't even know if they were real. But it was real - as real as a broken hand or a sprained ankle. Since that day, almost everything about the way I think about my mental health has changed.

Kevin Hart Takes Lamar Odom To A Happy Place That's Cold As Balls

Kevin Hart and Lamar Odom get very very deep in the icy cold tubs. Lamar talks about his struggle with anxiety, surviving strokes and heart attacks and finally finding his happy place. Brought to you by Old Spice!


"Let me apologize to you. If I hurt you. That we haven't been together."

First Step: Brandon Marshall

Welcome to First Step, a video series featuring athletes engaging the communities most affected by today's social issues, from healthcare access and gender equality, to childhood obesity and mental health.

What the Hell Happened to Darius Miles? | By Darius Miles

Editor Q's note: What's going on, y'all? Lemme keep this man honest. We did everything together back in the day, so we might as well do this together, too, right? They messed around and gave us millions of dollars and put us in Los Angeles, of all places.

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Few would argue that we live in a critical period in human history. The challenges we face globally are unprecedented, with several cultural shifts challenging the role and the identity of men in society and culture.

As men seek to understand what it means to be a modern man - and find their own meaning and place - issues like sexual harassment, school shootings, extremism and violence are on the rise.

It is in this context that The Men’s Initiative created the Good Men in Sport.

Understanding the power of sport and how it could be as a catalyst in creating worldwide conversation, The Men’s Initiative is working with leaders across the sports industry to redefine the definition of what it means “to be a good man” and how men can be mobilized to demonstrate an aspirational masculinity.

Led by Drs. John Izzo, David Kuhl and Duncan Shields - the founders of The Men’s Initiative which was created to be a catalyst in the global conversation about the state and impact of men in the world - the Good Men in Sport team brings together experts in men's issues, creative impact, brand strategy and sports for good.

Developed by The Men's Initiative - an organization that conducts leading-edge transitional work with men and male-dominated cultures including veterans, the protective services and sports with a focus on athletes in transition - the Good Men in Sport campaign plans to launch publicly in early 2019.

To begin this work, The Men’s Initiative hosted a design sprint with more than 30 stakeholders from across the sports ecosystem to collaborate a new model of aspirational masculinity. Participants included current and retired professional athletes, coaches, agents, and representatives from players association, leagues, sports non-profits, agencies and leading brands.