The challenge

Changing the culture of masculinity


Few would argue that we live in a critical period in human history. The challenges we face globally are unprecedented, with several cultural shifts challenging the role and the identity of men in society and culture.

As men seek to understand what it means to be a modern man - and find their own meaning and place - issues like sexual harassment, school shootings, extremism and violence are on the rise.

It is in this context that The Men’s Initiative created the Good Men in Sport.

Understanding the power of sport and how it could be as a catalyst in creating worldwide conversation, The Men’s Initiative is working with leaders across the sports industry to redefine the definition of what it means “to be a good man” and how men can be mobilized to demonstrate an aspirational masculinity.

“It's not just about just being a better man, it's about creating a better culture among us as men.”

— Dr. John Izzo, The Men's Initiative